The company submitted a response to CICRA outlining its concerns and has questioned why a wider consultation had not been undertaken.

‘We are not against competition in generation or for customers to have the ability to produce and consume their own electricity generated at their premises. There are already individuals and companies doing exactly this on the island using PV and CHP systems. We also understand electricity generation from renewables and energy storage is the future for our industry. In our response to CICRA, we raised the mis-alignment between States agreed policies and directions, and the decision to grant a licence at this time,’ said Guernsey Electricity CEO Alan Bates.

‘However, our overarching concern remains that any changes to the supply of electricity to customers is fair and equitable to all on the island and does not benefit some groups to the detriment of everyone else.

‘The decision to grant IEG a generation licence and to exempt them from having to obtain a supply licence is a major change in market dynamics. Whilst we maintain the view that a wider consultation on the possible impacts and unintended consequences should have been undertaken, we now need to ensure that our customers are not left picking up the bill for these changes.

‘We will work with CICRA to ensure fairness is maintained by recovering any costs associated with providing security of supply or other supply services required by the IEG generation systems. This will allow GEL to make sure that the island’s future electricity investment plans can be delivered and our tariffs can remain affordable to all of our customers’.

Further information can be found on CICRA's website here.