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Online Services

Using your credit or debit card, you can pay any amount owed to Guernsey Electricity here. You will be transferred to a secure payment area maintained by PayPoint and at no time will Guernsey Electricity store your credit/debit card details.

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We are in the process of introducing a new customer billing system. Our new system will allow us to make significant improvements to the way we manage your account in the future. It will offer you a better customer experience and take us another step closer to the electric future. Electronic billing direct to your inbox We are delighted that this new system allows e-billing direct to your inbox, removing the need for you to check your online account. If you would like to use this service and switch to receiving your statements via email, please contact our account team to switch. Online statement services As part of the upgrade process, we will be removing access to viewing statements online. You will no longer have access from Monday 19th April 2021. Please download any documents you require by this date. We understand this may be an inconvenience for a short time, but we are working hard to bring you a much-improved experience with Guernsey Electricity in the future. We hope that your experience transitioning to the new system will be smooth, but if you have any questions, please get in touch.

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Much of Guernsey is now covered by automated meters but we still occasionally need you to read your meter. For your convenience you can submit your readings here.

Meter Reading »

It is important to let us know at least two working days in advance that you are moving in or out of a property. This allows us time to set-up or finalise your account and to arrange a visit to the property if we need to read the meter manually. Please fill out the form below, whether you are a new customer, existing customer or a landlord. If you currently pay your bill by Standing Order, you will need to cancel this directly with your bank. If you are moving into a new property, we will send you a new Standing Order form that relates to your new home once we have the relevant details below. Thank you.

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Here you can apply for a new supply, additional load and/or alterations to your existing supply. You should also apply here if you are considering the connection of private generation from renewable energies such as solar, wind or heat pumps.

New Supply Application »

Details about the different sections of your bill and where to find information such as your account number, the tariff your are on and how much electricity you are using.