Most of our network is buried underground

Click before you dig

If you’re planning any groundworks as a contractor, landscaper or homeowner, be sure to use our free records location service before you start any work.
Access our free cable records service here

Before you start works



Anyone carrying out groundworks should firstly use our free cable records service to check for any underground electricity cables where works are planned.

Private residents and homeowners using the records service will need a customer number and postcode of the property. Contractors can request a login from us. 

Unfortunately, the system is only accessible on a desktop or laptop running Internet Explorer with the Microsoft Silverlight plugin enabled.

A cable avoidance tool can also be located to confirm these records. If you do not have access to one of these, we can arrange this for you for free. 


Access the cable records service here

Check before you dig

Damaging a cable can cause serious injury or death as well as local power outages- something that Guernsey Electricity must recover costs for.

  • Need help?

    We can provide cable records by email or post. 

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  • Working around cables

    Once you are aware of the cable records around where you will be working, be sure to follow HSE guidance  here.

    Download and read the guidance here
  • Demolition of properties 

    If you are planning on demolishing a property, you must request the service to be cut off to ensure the cable to the property is no longer live. This is different to having the meter disconnected.