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Why GF1?

Security, Sustainability And Environment

With a maximum transmission potential of 100MW, the proposed cable will help safeguard future power supply to Guernsey and increase the possibility of supplying the entire island with imported low-carbon energy, minimizing local generation and hence emissions.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2014


Guernsey Facts and Figures 2016 published by the Policy & Resources Department, which can be found here.



This graphic demonstrates that power generation is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.

By 2050, it is estimated that we will need up to 145MW to meet the demands of the islanders. However, Guernsey Government directives are to be fossil fuel free by 2050 on the whole island.

A direct link will be necessary to increase long term resilience and sustainability.

We calculate that over the life time of the direct cable link, we would save 600 kilotons of CO2 being released in the atmosphere.