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Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Environmental sustainability at the core of our business - not only is it the right thing to do, it makes good business sense and benefits our customers and the island.

 Our Environmental Vision is “to make a positive contribution to our island environment for today and for the benefit of future generations”

Climate Change

New evidence predicts a 3oC increase in temperature by the end of this century. The United Nations has advised that “unprecedented” changes would be needed to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, requiring serious effort at every level of society.

In recognition that every business needs to increase their environmental efforts, Guernsey Electricity have launched a Climate Change Statement, revised our 5-year Environmental Sustainability Strategy, and committed to achieving ISO14001:2015 certification of our Environmental Management System (EMS) within the next financial year. In 2020, we developed our climate change statement to show our position on this global challenge.

Environmental Strategy

In the two years since we launched our first Environmental Sustainability Strategy, the world has seen a dramatic shift in public interest and government action on climate change. We recognise the need for all businesses to increase their efforts to improve environmental sustainability performance. We further believe that the energy sector should take the lead in creating a greener and sustainable island. 

In response to the need for a shift change, we have launched a Climate Change Statement, shown below, revised our five-year Environmental Sustainability Strategy, and committed to achieving ISO14001:2015 certification of our Environmental Management System within the next financial year. These steps place environmental sustainability and climate change firmly at the heart of our business.

Our revised 2020-2025 Environmental Sustainability Strategy includes increasingly ambitious and measurable objectives and targets designed to underpin how Guernsey Electricity intends to deliver the Climate Change Statement across the business, using the environmental sustainability framework of our ISO14001:2015 EMS.

You can download a summary document here.

Environmental Sustainability Policy

 Our key policy principles are:

Our HSE Policy Statement can be downloaded here.

Environmental Management

Since 2016, Guernsey Electricity has operated under an Environmental Management System (EMS), which is supported by internal and annual external audits (by an independent company) to monitor compliance with ISO 14001.  

Our EMS includes processes by which we manage environmental risks and opportunities and ensure a feedback loop to demonstrate continuous improvement in our environmental performance.  This ‘plan, do, check and act’ cycle, is also the foundation of how a business can demonstrate environmental sustainability.

Our existing EMS focuses on our core business areas at the Vale Power Station Site and across our distribution network. From 2020, Guernsey Electricity has committed to expanding the scope of the EMS to include all business areas.

As part of our 5-year Strategy, Guernsey Electricity has mapped the objectives and targets of the strategy against the internationally recognised principles of sustainable development - the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This mapping exercise shall enable us to focus and manage our environmental sustainability risks, obligations and opportunities in an integrated way.

Environmental Performance

The ultimate aim of our Environmental Sustainability Strategy is to embed the question: ‘How do our activities impact our island today and tomorrow, and can we do better?’ into all business decisions.

To help drive this commitment, Guernsey Electricity has added the following new strategic objective to our 5-year Environmental Sustainability Strategy – ‘To explore all opportunities across all business activities and resources to encourage and drive environmental sustainability performance improvements and initiatives that benefit our community, the island and our climate’.

Since February 2020, Guernsey Electricity is now operating under an Air Pollution Licence, which is regulated by the Office of Environmental Health and Pollution Regulation (OEHPR).