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Our community solar projects

We believe that everyone on Guernsey should be able to use and benefit from renewable electricity. We’ve been identifying locations to install large scale PV solar arrays at various sites across the island to feed into the network.

The panels installed produce more than 200,000kWh each year, which is equivalent to the electricity required to power Guernsey Posts electric vans, with some energy to spare.

Guernsey Post solar array »

In the first 50 days, the array generated enough energy to provide either seven average homes with heat, light and power for a whole year or drive for 100,000 miles in an electric vehicle.

Vale power station solar array »

The array contributes 31kW of electricity to the network.

Longue Hougue waste transfer station array »

The array consists of 45 panels and contributes up to 15kW of electricity to the network for all our customers to benefit from.

King George V Community Centre Array »

Solar infographicRenewables for All

Whilst we await further direction from energy policy, we are delivering local renewable energy generation. We have some of the largest community scale solar arrays installed in the Channel Islands which feed 358kW of renewable electricity into the grid, and we have a very healthy pipeline of PV projects which we are actively progressing. 

We believe that placing environmental sustainability at the core of the business is not only the right thing to do, it also makes good business sense and benefits the island as we continue our energy transition towards a low-carbon future. 

We will continue to invest in distributed solar arrays across the island with the goal of reaching a total installed capacity of up to 20MW by 2050.

Our Environmental Sustainability Strategy underpins how we intend to deliver the Climate Change Statement across the business, using the framework of our ISO14001:2015-aligned Environmental Management System (EMS). Read more here.