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Power Station opening to the public
Tours of Guernsey's Power Station - Evenings and weekends through-out June.

The Electricity Strategy for Guernsey has been proposed and covers the period up to 2050. We're opening our doors to the public so you can come and see for yourself the challenging road ahead to net zero, and why agreeing the Electricity Strategy is so crucial to our next steps.

Guernsey's Electricity Strategy

With 'Peak' demand expected to reach around 150MW by 2050, the Electricity Strategy will define how we power businesses, keep the Wi-Fi on and our homes warm in a sustainable way.

Guernsey currently uses between 30MW (megawatts) and 90MW of electricity throughout each day. When our demand exceeds 60MW, we have to make up the difference by using the fossil-fuelled power station. This comes with environmental and financial costs. 

So, the question is, how should we meet this demand?



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