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For our full Terms and conditions of supply you will need to refer to the Electricity Law (Guernsey) 2001.

Liability and Supply 

The person named on our statements is registered as the "Customer" at the supply address shown. Please advise Guernsey Electricity immediately if this information is not correct.

If you have any queries regarding tariffs please contact Customer Accounts on 01481 241975. Customers are advised that telephone calls may, from time to time, be monitored for training and quality control purposes.

In accordance with the Electricity Law 2001, Guernsey Electricity Ltd. will accept no liability for any economic, consequential or other indirect loss arising from a temporary interruption of supply caused by testing or any other purposes connected with the efficient working of the company. In particular we shall not be liable for loss or damage to electrical or electronic equipment, computer data, refrigerator or freezer contents (or any resulting damage) due to an interruption to the electricity supply. Your household insurance may be able to provide you with cover for these risks.

Under the terms of the Electricity Law 2001, Guernsey Electricity Ltd is required to comply with regulations to ensure that supplies of electricity are produced and provided to you safely. We would remind customers that you should always use electricity safely. Never use electricity in any way likely to cause damage to property, interference with the supply of electricity, or a risk to anyone's health and safety. It is good practice to have the electrical installation in your property checked on a regular basis to ensure that it is still safe to operate.

Special attention is drawn to Schedule 2 Section 1(3) of the Electricity Law 2001 which requires customers to give not less than two working days notice before they quit any premises supplied with electricity. In the absence of any notification, the customer will be liable for all charges arising up to the day of the next meter reading or the date any subsequent customer requires a supply.

We will send you regular bills. Some of these may be estimated. Sending in your own reading will help us provide you with an accurate statement of account.

If you pay your bill after it arrives, we allow 21 days credit from the date on the bill. However, the law enables us to ask for security against future bills if your account is paid late.

The reading of the meter shall be conclusive evidence in the absence of fraud of the value of the supply. If the meter is damaged, slows down or stops we reserve the right to base your bill on a reasonable assumption of your usage based on previous consumptions.

If you take your supply through the medium of a prepayment meter, it is your responsibility to ensure you have sufficient credit for the amount of energy you require.

Access to premises 

From time to time during the year there will be occasions when Guernsey Electricity needs to gain access to your property. Some examples of this are:

  • Installing, maintaining, checking or reading your meter;
  • Checking your supply after an interruption;
  • Providing general advice on electricity.

We will send a representative who has been thoroughly vetted during the recruitment process. The representative will be fully trained for the task they have been asked to do. In addition to this they will also have been trained in:

  • Safety knowledge - they will be able to recognise hazardous situations and have access to the necessary contacts to resolve the situation.
  • Customer assistance - they will be able to explain to the customer the task they are undertaking and advise on who to contact at Guernsey Electricity for further information.
  • Confidentiality - they will ensure that the information they carry and collect will be transported safely and only used for its intended purpose.
  • Emergency situations - They will be aware of who to contact should they come across a problem with your electricity supply.

How to identify our employees

Our representative will always carry his identity card. This card includes the Guernsey Electricity logo, the name of the employee, their department and job title together with their photo and signature. If you are at all suspicious that the caller is not genuine, DO NOT LET THEM IN. Call us on 01481 200700 or call the police.

To help you identify our employees all the Meter Readers, fixers and technicians wear uniforms. However, there are some of our representatives who do not wear a uniform. They will still have an identity card as detailed above. Not all of our representatives will arrive in a vehicle with our company logo, but they will all have an identity card.

We can also arrange for our staff to quote a password chosen by you. You will need to contact our Customer Accounts section to arrange this. They will be happy to record a password of your choice which will be passed only to our representatives should they need to call.

When we will call

Our representatives work Monday to Friday and appointments can be made between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. If you have a request outside these times we will always try to accommodate you. However, if we are making calls where we do not need access to your premises we sometimes work outside these times.

Customers keys

If you have left a key with us for our representative to gain access to your property, it will be kept secure and never labelled with your address. The key will not be given to anyone else without your express permission and will be returned to you on demand.


Use of our website 

Applicable Law

The applicable law relating to all matters concerning this website shall be deemed to be the Law of Guernsey.


The information, services and other tools and facilities provided by this website are intended as a service to the public.

Accuracy of Data

Guernsey Electricity will take reasonable steps to ensure that everything on its site is up to date and correct.

Please remember that the information on this site may not necessarily be up to date. This applies particularly to account information and cable record information.

Guernsey Electricity does not accept any responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions made. No liability is accepted for any special, indirect or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the use of this website or the interpretation of information held.

Malicious Software

All reasonable care will be taken to prevent damage to computer systems by malicious software. Guernsey Electricity cannot be held responsible for the introduction of malicious software on any user's system.

Intellectual Property 

The name ‘Guernsey Electricity’ or any related logo or trademark may not be used in advertising or publicity pertaining to distribution of this information without specific, written prior permission.

Copies of material obtained from this site may be taken and distributed for any purpose, providing that where the copyright of the material is held other than by Guernsey Electricity, it does not thereby infringe the rights of the individual copyright.

In particular all photographic images are unless otherwise stated, the property of the photographer concerned and should not be copied or distributed in any form whatsoever without the express permission of the photographer.

All copies should clearly display copyright and any relevant permissions. All other rights are reserved.

Liability of User

Users should not rely upon any of the information contained or obtained through these pages. If you do so, it will be entirely at your own risk. The user is solely responsible for deciding whether or not the information held or obtained from this website is suitable for any purpose. If you are using the website on behalf of anyone else, you are responsible for making them aware of these conditions. 

Protection of Children

This site contains educational material for children and students. Guernsey Electricity will take reasonable steps to ensure that this educational material is suitable. Guernsey Electricity does however expect that normal, reasonable, parental or other supervision by a responsible adult will be exercised with regard to the use of the internet by children. For this reason Guernsey Electricity does not accept responsibility or liability for any unsuitable material accessed by children from this website, particularly by way of any link.

Links to Other Sites

Guernsey Electricity is not responsible for and accepts no liability in respect of external sites.

Drawings and Records

Drawing and record information obtained from the company is not to be divulged to any third parties that are not aware of these conditions of use. The position of the cables and equipment shown on any drawing or plan obtained via this internet site must be regarded as approximate only. The information given does not preclude the possibility that unrecorded cables may exist.

Any user of this information should dig trial holes by hand, prior to the commencement of any work, to establish the exact position and depth of cables.

Guernsey Electricity will not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to losses, claims or damages of any kind, whether directly or indirectly, arising from the publication, use or otherwise any form of reliance upon, drawings, plans or records obtained through, or by way of this website.