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Guernsey’s electric future: Ensuring capacity in our network

In anticipation of a fully electric future on the global journey to decarbonisation, Guernsey Electricity is committed to planning for the Island’s future energy needs.

As part of this future, Guernsey Electricity is committed to providing an infrastructure and energy supply that allows all Islanders and businesses to fully access electric heating. In its current form, there are a small number of cases where we cannot fully offer this, but we can offer innovative solutions to allow everyone to eventually access electric heating. 

Why can’t some people make the switch to electric heating now? 

As part of our Island’s vision to decarbonise and protect our environment, Guernsey Electricity encourage every business and household to consider switching to electric heating. To facilitate this, our sales team provide free home surveys and quotations.  

In some rare cases (around 2%), where the network is already at capacity such or at remote ends of our network, our cables  may not be sufficient, or the upstream network is not yet configured, to accommodate some of our customers’ electricity needs. Whilst we continually plan and undertake upgrade works across the Island, it cannot all be done at once. In these rare cases where there are constraints, we work with our customers to find a solution within the current network.  

This might be by considering alternative technologies such as installing air source heat pumps or energy storage batteries or reviewing timescales for any planned upgrades to that part of the grid.   

We expect that ever improving and innovative energy technologies will bring further opportunities for better control of our energy supply, demand and storage for our customers.  

We are excited to see the changes that will ensure the energy transition can be managed sustainably in the future and ensure that as a company, Guernsey Electricity is able to honour its intention to enable all homes and businesses to switch to electric heating.