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Transformer installation completed supplying 25% of islanders

A major investment in the Island’s transmission network has been completed by Guernsey Electricity following the successful installation of two 20MVA* transformers in at Beau Sejour.

The new substation, supplying around 25% of the Island’s electricity, will improve resilience in the St Peter Port network, providing power to residential properties, shops and offices as well as to Beau Sejour itself. The site, situated at the rear of the leisure centre, features a sensitively designed housing for the two transformers and associated electrical switchgear equipment, along with the installation of bird and bat boxes and the planting of native tree species.

Jon Sexton, Head of Engineering and Design at Guernsey Electricity, said, “This installation forms an important part of our continual investment in the existing infrastructure to ensure secure electricity supplies for our customers. It will future proof our local network and provide enhanced capacity to meet a more electric future and the gradual move away from fossil fuels.

“As a company, the need to consider and protect our environment also formed a key part of our investment decision, so by working with Environment Guernsey, we are hoping to improve biodiversity in the surrounding area.”

The project originally started last year and saw two transformers, each weighing 29 tonnes, transported on self-propelled, remote controlled vehicles in September from St Peter Port harbour up to Beau Sejour. The substation was commissioned in November 2021, following the construction of the building which was designed to be sensitive to the surroundings.

Mr Sexton added, “For this project, the planting of trees and plants that are native to Guernsey, together with installing bird and bat boxes, which we understand are already being occupied, was designed to improve the habitat for existing wildlife.”