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New Year, New Career

Would you like to play a critical part in developing the future of energy in Guernsey?

Together we’ll build a better future. We are empowering people, today and tomorrow

Would you like to play a critical part in developing the future of energy in Guernsey?

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As one of Guernsey’s largest employers, we promise we aren't all engineers and electricians. From office-based roles in Accounting, IT, Administration, Sales, Marketing, Client Relationship Management, through to Retail opportunities in our showroom, plus of course opportunities in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing roles.

Here at Guernsey Electricity, we offer an alternative industry to thrive in.

Our diverse workforce spans many job sectors, giving you the opportunity to collaborate with individuals from a host of backgrounds, develop your skills, learn new ones and explore your career path, in a unique industry on Island.

Why Guernsey Electricity?

We believe in a sustainable future powered by a secure, sustainable, reliable electricity service for the island which is affordable and minimises impact on the environment.


It’s not just about transitioning away from fossil fuels and the important role electricity will play in the decarbonisation of transport and heat. New technology, particularly digital, will enable the world to use energy in new ways every day.

And our team play a large part in this.

Check out our latest vacancies and see how a career at GEL could empower your future 


Benefits Package

For helping us to look after the Island's energy for future generations, we offer a generous and unique benefits package.

We encourage our employees to work in a flexible way that fits into their lifestyle. Our policies help you enjoy island life, progress your career, recognise your efforts, pay you fairly and look after you.

Benefits Package


Guernsey Electricity are an Equal Opportunities employer. Our mission is to welcome everyone and create a fully inclusive workforce designed to support the journey to a more sustainable future.

If you would like to work with us and be part of the transition to cleaner energy and a more sustainable future, let us know what you're looking for

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