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Why air source heat pumps are perfect for new builds

Air source heat pumps demonstrate how technology can integrate sustainability, practicality and cost-saving into the world of property construction.

With the energy transition underway, now is the best time to understand the advantages of air source
heat pumps for new property builds in Guernsey.


Energy bills are a top concern for many customers, and winter is when we usually see the steepest rise in these bills as the thermostats get turned up.

Air source heat pumps are the cheapest central heating system to run in Guernsey. To find out how much lower your heating bills could be, why not try out our online cost calculator.


Environmentally-conscious customers want to make sure their property is fit for the future. And a more sustainable heating system has the potential to increase property value, giving it an edge in a market striving for sustainability and efficiency.

Air source heat pumps are the cleanest central heating system to run in Guernsey and our online cost calculator also shows the amount of carbon each heating system produces.

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Comparison of air source heat pumps vs electric boiler

What does CO₂e mean?

Carbon dioxide equivalent.

This is a way to describe the overall contribution to global warming when taking into account carbon dioxide (CO₂), as well as other greenhouse gas emissions such as methane and nitrous oxide.

300% Efficiency

In a well-insulated new build, air source heat pumps can achieve efficiencies of around 300% or more. High efficiency products will always reduce your costs and carbon footprint considerably.

With an air source heat pump, this high efficiency is achieved because of the 'Coefficient of Performance' (COP). This is a measure of the efficiency of a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system or a refrigeration system and is calculated by dividing the desired output (such as heating or cooling) by the required input (such as electricity). If a system is 100% efficient, it will have a COP of 1. In an air source heat pump, as less work is needed to move heat than for conversion into heat, they can have a coefficient of performance greater than one - usually COP 3. 

In Guernsey, we import over 90% low-carbon electricity from the European grid, which is what powers the mechanisms within the heat pump. The system then extracts heat from outside air and transfers this heat into the property to provide a clean, cost-efficient source of warmth.

Why are they best for new builds?

With thermal performance requirements increasing in line with the UK regulations, new builds provide the ideal living space to gain cost and carbon benefits from heating with an air source heat pump.

Well insulated properties have a low level of heat loss, and this allows air source heat pumps to operate more effectively and cost less to run. Efficiency of an air source heat pump is dictated by the ambient outside air temperature and the greatest efficiencies are usually achieved at or around an outdoor air temperature of 7°C.

What about planning permission?

In early 2023, the new Planning Law Exemptions Ordinance came into force which states that installing an air source heat pump in Guernsey does not require planning permission, but will have some caveats.

These are advised on the Land Planning and Development (Exemptions) Ordinance, 2023.


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