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Home Energy Saving Audits

Online energy saving tips are great, but wouldn't it be helpful to have someone visit your home and work it all out for you too? That's what our Energy Savers will be helping islanders with.

Electricity bills

From April 2024, we'll be helping Guernsey get energy smart with our new paid-for service. Because there are better things to spend money on than electricity you don't use. 

Your energy matters, and Guernsey Electricity's team will help you unlock meaningful energy savings with eco-friendly solutions tailored to your home and lifestyle.

All while helping us manage Guernsey's electricity grid - it's a win-win for both home and island life. 

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What we'll do

Your time is precious, and energy saving may not be at the top of your to-do list. Our team, on the other hand, are qualified Energy Advisers and electricity usage is their bread and butter. 

One of our Energy Savers will visit and assess your home, identify any problem areas, establish potential energy savings for you, and provide you with bespoke changes designed to reduce your energy usage. 

Alongside energy savings, you'll also reduce your carbon footprint as we explore ways you can cut your reliance on fossil-fuels at the power station. 

Together with our online Energy Saver tips, we'll help you use less energy.  

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