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The people behind our island’s strength and vitality

Utilities exist in an odd contradiction; we’re effortlessly in every house and workplace in the island. From the moment people get up to the time they go to bed, our services are constantly being used. But nobody really thinks about how that happens until they have to. So what are the careers that help keep our island running?

Guernsey Electricity and Guernsey Water are two of the island’s largest utilities providing the lifeblood the island needs to live a busy modern life. 

Without either, life would be very difficult. And we need dedicated employees to help keep our modern lives running.  

Careers at Guernsey Electricity  Careers at Guernsey Water

The jobs that keep the island running 

The first thing that probably comes to mind when you think of Guernsey Electricity might be the power station chimneys, and Guernsey Water it might be the reservoir.

This means the working area that probably first comes to mind is engineering, and across the two utilities, there is a lot of potential to begin or expand your career in engineering. But the opportunities aren’t limited to just one discipline.  

Over the coming months, we plan to share our individual experiences with you and help demonstrate how working for a utility is a really interesting place to be these days, and how no two days can ever be the same. 

“I enjoy working as part of a team that is integral to the daily life of islanders. I take great satisfaction in correctly predicting island electricity demand to ensure the power station is only brought online when it is necessary. And when this is the case, generators are run efficiently to minimise the need for further on-island generation, reducing the environmental impact. I also enjoy communicating with different areas of the business and helping customers find solutions over the phone.” Chester Dodsworth, Control Room Operator  

Inside Guernsey Electricity's control room

Inside Guernsey Electricity's control room 

“With so much going on, I enjoy the variety of work I have as a technician. I’m able to manage critical work for the island in a way that works best for both the business and myself, and I’m responsible for making sure critical projects are delivered to the highest possible standard. My job gives me the chance to push the boundaries of applied science and help solve technical issues that shape society and its future using creative problem solving. My skills and experience have been stretched in ways I’d never expected, and I’m also learning transferable skills that are helpful in my personal life.” Miles Davey, Distribution Technician


"I'm responsible for ensuring the equipment used to generate electricity from the power station remains safe and operational. This includes everything from fuel storage tanks to engine exhausts and all systems inbetween. I also need to stand in as Generation Engineer from time to time, where I'm responsible for the operation of the whole power station and Island's electricity supply" - Joel Bramer, Operations Engineer 

Guernsey's power station

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A different office environment 

Often hidden in the shadows are the office jobs working quietly behind the scenes helping support the island’s water and electricity systems. 

People will almost always associate Guernsey Electricity and Guernsey Water with the engineering and trade jobs that they see around. But they can’t do everything. If there are engineers working onsite on roadworks, they can’t also organise media releases or update social media to keep customers informed. Or when there are big project developments taking place, those working on the site can’t also process invoices and manage the finances back in the office. And when new recruits are needed, the engineers can’t advertise roles, organise interviews, implement induction days and organise training too.  

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You can’t multitask when you’re dealing with electricity and water, and it takes an island to run an island.  

“My ideal situation was to put my business finance skills to work on solving more tangible, real-life problems while still using my knowledge and interest in engineering and physics. Then a unique opportunity came about when I became a Finance Business Partner for one of Guernsey’s largest local employers, providing financial support for a system that impacts and integrates with every person at every stage of their life here in Guernsey.” Nick Tidd, Head of Business Intelligence  

“My day job is to ensure the projects needed to move towards a more sustainable future are controlled, running on time, and within budget. This means we can keep Guernsey running with electrical power, allowing everyone to live and work in comfort.” Kelly Tavender, Project Manager  


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