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It’s quickest and easiest to tell us online. When you've moved into your new home we recommend you track down the electricity meter so you know where it is. Plus you'll be able to get your opening meter readings so your energy bills are accurate.
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First things first - congratulations on your new home! Now the practical stuff.

  • Moving house confirmation

    It is important to inform us when you move in or out of a property or when someone else takes over the responsibility for the electricity supply to a property.

    This needs to be done whether you are an existing customer, a new customer, a landlord or a pay as you go customer.


    Moving In or Out Form

  • Notice period

    We require at least 7 days-notice prior to the date of the move. This allows us time to set up the account and to arrange a visit to the property if we need to read the meter manually. If you are a brand new customer, we will send you a standing order form that relates to your new home once we have received the relevant details below.

    Please note: If we do not receive confirmation of the incoming customer and a new account is not set up in time, the supply will be disconnected.

  • Low rate time bands

    If you use the Super Economy 12 Tariff, please be aware that different time bands can be assigned different property. This means the times you've become used to may now be different and it's worth finding them out. Check if the times are printed on your meter or give us a call to confirm. 


Find answers to some frequently asked moving-home questions here.

What is my customer number and where can I find it?

This is at the top right of your statement and starts with ‘CUS’ for example CUS1234567. You’ll need to have this to hand if you talk to our team about your account, submitting a meter reading or to make a payment. 

If you cannot find your customer number then please call 01481 200700 or email: 

Contact us

It's easy to get in touch with us. You can call or email each of our various departments.

Useful contact numbers:

Customer Service: 01481 200700 

House move: 01481 200700

Heating Solutions & Sales: 01481 200749 

Electricians & Plumbers: 01481 241984 

Electrical Inspections: 01481 200728 

Retail Shop: 01481 200789

Media Enquiries, Ian Le Moigne : 07781 162126 - 

Address :
Electricity House, Northside, Vale, Guernsey GY1 3AD
What.three.words location

Opening times are as follows:
Shop: 9.00am - 5.00pm (Monday - Saturday)
Offices: 8.30am - 2.00pm (Monday - Friday)


Am I on the right tariff?

We offer a range of tariffs to suit your lifestyle and to meet your electricity needs from lighting to heating and everything in-between. Please take a  look at our tariffs for more information.

Lighting and power

Many customers use the Super Economy 12 Tariff which is made up of 12 hours low-rate electricity. 

Electric heating

This exclusive tariff is available 24/7 for those whose primary heating choice is electric

Air source heat pump

For this sustainable heating solution, there is an exclusive Heat Pump tariff available 

For more information contact our Customer Accounts Team on 01481 200700 or email the team here

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