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Submitting a meter reading

Your meter readings tell us how much electricity you're using. This makes sure you only pay for the electricity you actually use – no more and no less. Please submit your readings on this page.
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Read your meter

To help you read your own meter, we have created a handy step-by-step guide as well as video guides below.


Read the guide here

Why do I have an estimated statement?

Most of the island is now covered by electricity meters that transmit readings to us automatically, but sometimes the signals may not reach us. This means you may receive an estimated statement which is calculated using your previous usage patterns. If your statement is estimated, it will be clearly marked on the top right hand side of your statement.  

If you have received an estimated statement, to ensure you are only paying for the consumption you've used, please submit your reading(s) in the form below.

Should you require a new statement, please submit readings for all meters on the estimated statement. Please note: If we do not receive readings for all meters that are shown on your statement, we will be unable to produce an up to date statement for you.

White meter

If your meter is white or cream, watch this video to learn how to take a reading from it.

Black meter

If your meter is black, watch this video to learn how to take a reading from it.

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Enter Meter Reading Details

Please complete for Each Meter you have. 

If you moving out of a property, please do not use this form. Please email  including your full name, customer number and the address of the property that you are moving out of.



Please note: Submitting your reading(s) within the regular billing window may result in receiving two bills. This can happen if you submit readings very close to the start or end of your billing period, as the billing dates for each parish is fixed. Rest assured, you will not be charged twice. Instead, you will receive an additional bill alongside your normal billing cycle.


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Thanks for submitting your meter reading online!