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Cost to run heating in Guernsey

How do heating costs compare? 

Heating a property has both cost and carbon implications. Use our calculators for an idea of how your current usage of gas or oil would compare if you switched to electric heating both in terms of the price you'll pay and the volume of greenhouse gas emissions produced.



  • Gas heating

    Your gas bill is presented in kWh which means the conversion of gas units has already taken. This makes your gas bill directly comparable to electricity. The efficiency of your gas boiler is also incorporated into the units confirmed on your gas bill. 

    Gas boilers are always less than 100% efficient and become more expensive to run over time as efficiency decreases. If your boiler is over 10 years old, it may be worth considering an upgrade. 

    Find the latest gas prices on Guernsey Energy's website

    Gas prices
  • Oil heating

    Your oil bill reflects the number of litres purchased before using the heating system; it doesn't consider the efficiency of your oil boiler or the conversion to kWh. We have included an option to compare costs depending on the age of your boiler as oil boilers cost more to run as they age plus an in-built conversion to kWh making it directly comparable to electricity. Please check your oil provider's website for the latest oil price. 

    Efficiency: -10 years: 90%, 10+ years: 80%. Conversion factor: 10.35 

    Oil prices
  • Electric heating

    Unlike oil and gas, electric boilers are practically 100% efficient and remain so throughout their lifetime. This is because the power needed to heat your home arrives ready-to-use and nothing needs to be burnt in your property to produce heat. 

    The prices used in this calculator can be found in the Superheat section of our tariffs page.  

    Our carbon emission data can be found here



    Electric prices
  • Compare From

    Compare To

    Fuel kWh Annual cost Annual carbon emissions
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    {{compToName}} {{displayNum(toUnits)}} £{{displayNum(toCost)}} {{displayNum(toEmissions)}} KgCO²e
    You Save £{{displayNum(saveAmount)}} {{displayNum(saveEmissions)}} KgCO²e
boiler efficiency explained

How does an inefficient boiler cost you money? 

Boiler efficiency