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Why switch? 

It's a simple way to save on paper and get instant access to your bill - anytime, anywhere. 

  • Instant access to your bill
  • Paying anytime, anywhere
  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Helping your local community and environment 
  • Reducing costs


Each bill payer usually gets around four bills a year. That means even in a small place like Guernsey, there are tens of thousands of electricity bills printed every year.

Delivering printed bills to homes and businesses involves paper, ink, envelopes, stamps, energy, administration - plus time and cost for Guernsey Post to deliver. 

Save time, money, and help the environment, simply by switching to e-billing. 

If ever you need a printed bill sent by post, we are more than happy to provide one.

Please just give us a call on 01481 200700. 

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We hope we can answer some of your queries 

Do I need an electricity bill sent by post to open a bank account?

Electronic verification can be used to verify all or any combination of the mandatory data points required by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission in accordance with the Electronic Transactions (Guernsey) Law, 2000. However the specific requirements may vary depending on the bank so it is best to confirm requirements directly with them. If necessary, we are happy to send out a bill by post upon request. 

All address verification must be certified by an approved professional who is happy to confirm you live at the address stated on your bill, for example an accountant, lawyer or your doctor.


Do I need an electricity bill sent by post for tax purposes?

Companies are required by Law to complete their income tax returns online and if required, a PDF attachment should be sufficient. 


How can I trust the E-Billing emails are genuine?

Our E-Billing emails will come from 'Guernsey Electricity noreply@electricity.gg' 

You should always be aware of security and never click links or attachments from sources you don't recognise. 


Will I need to re-apply for E-Billing if I move house? 

No, unless you need to change your customer number with us.

Each customer is allocated a unique identifier starting CUS which is taken with you no matter how many times you move house. 


We will email your registered email address and attach your electricity bill or statement as a PDF which can be printed as and when you need it. 


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