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Home Energy Audit

Uncover potential savings, reduce energy consumption, and create a more energy-efficient home. Schedule your home energy audit with us today
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Our Energy Savers are here to bring comprehensive home energy audits to Guernsey.

Online tips are great, but wouldn't it be helpful to have someone visit your home and do some of the hard work for you? That's what our Energy Savers are here to do. 

We're helping islanders get energy smart. Because there are better things to do than spend money on electricity you don't use. 

The team will help islanders unlock meaningful energy savings with eco-friendly solutions tailored to your home and lifestyle. All while helping us manage the electricity grid - it's a win-win for both home and island life. 

Currently this service is available to domestic customers only. 


We know a thing or two about energy. 

Our 'Energy Savers' are City & Guild's qualified Energy Advisers certified in 'Energy Awareness' meaning we're able to provide National Energy Action-approved advice on domestic energy efficiency. 

What we'll do

One of our Energy Savers will visit and assess your home to: 

  • Identify any problem areas
  • Establish potential energy savings unique to your home and lifestyle
  • Provide bespoke changes designed to reduce your energy usage. 

Alongside energy savings, you'll also reduce your carbon footprint as we explore ways you can reduce your reliance on fossil-fuels at the power station. 

Together with our online Energy Saver tips, we'll help you use less energy. 

Why we're doing it

You might wonder why a company that sells electricity is actively encouraging people to use less. It all comes down to demand curves. 

Electricity usage never happens in a straight line - if it did, our jobs would be much easier. As demand changes in line with daily human behaviour and weather conditions, we see usage peak and dip throughout the day, and some of these peaks can get very high.

It's generally the higher peaks and fluctuations in demand that can be very expensive to manage and maintain. 

This is why we'd like to 'flatten the curve' to place less strain on our island's grid. This is made up of thousands of assets including the power station, sub-sea cable, substations, and our underground network of cables. 

Here we can see the three demand peaks which we can all help to reduce. 

Guernsey's electricity load profile

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