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Most of our network is buried underground

Check before you dig

If you’re planning any groundworks as a contractor, landscaper or homeowner, be sure to use our free records location service before you start any work. To report an emergency: Freephone 0800 5870285
Access our free cable records service here

Before you start works



Anyone carrying out groundworks should firstly use our free cable records service to check for any underground electricity cables where works are planned.

Private residents and homeowners using the records service will need a customer number and postcode of the property. Contractors can request a login from us. 

A cable avoidance tool can also be used to confirm these records. If you do not have access to one of these tools, we can arrange this for you by contacting us on 01481 200700.

Access the cable records service here

plan ahead

Stay safe

An average of 70 people a year in the UK are seriously injured as a result of contact with underground electricity cables. Nearly half of all cases were reported on public highways, construction sites and industrial buildings making tradespeople at extreme risk of serious injury in the workplace.

If you are planning any work which involves breaking the ground, think about what services could be buried beneath before you start work.

  • Plan
    Plan your work carefully. Work out how you are going to locate utility equipment and avoid the risk of damaging it or yourself.
  • Check
    Consider hand-digging trial holes to expose the services before using any electric or mechanical excavation tool. Always adopt safe digging techniques to establish the line and depth of underground utility equipment.
  • Think
    Always assume electricity cables are live and gas pipes are pressurised as damaging one in the ground could be fatal.