Electric Alternatives

As the world looks to reduce our impact on the climate, technology is advancing toward alternatives and switching to electrified heating and transport.

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Electric Vehicles
65% less carbon emissions

Unlike petrol and diesel vehicles, electric powered transport does not produce any exhaust pipe emissions. In terms of local air quality, this is great news for our island.


Battery storage

A battery storage system is ideal for anyone with a solar PV system or those wanting to store low-rate electricity from the grid. 

Adding a battery to your property allows you to enjoy more of the power you generate at times you need it most. You can store solar energy to use when it’s dark, or charge up your electric car on low-rate electricity.


It’s possible to generate your own electricity or heat from renewable sources of energy. With such a variety of different technologies available, each with their own distinct benefits and considerations, you might be wondering where to start. So, if you’re interested in installing renewables in your home, let us guide you through some of the basics.

Renewables for all

Where our electricity comes from

More than 93% of our electricity is sourced from renewable sources in Europe. Prior to this, the power station was the island's only source of electricity operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Electricity in Guernsey