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Positive energy

Our Environmental Vision is “to make a positive contribution to our island environment for today and for the benefit of future generations”
Read our Environmental Sustainability Strategy

We’ve committed to placing sustainability at the heart of our business. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it benefits our customers and the island.

Work with us

  • Community solar energy projects

    We believe that everyone on Guernsey should be able to use and benefit from renewable electricity. Our large scale PV installations feed into the network for everyone to use.

  • Community projects and competitions

    Supporting our community, whether that be educating students, supporting environmental projects or offering our expertise and skills is a key part of what we stand for. 

Taking the lead

Our climate change statement

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges the world faces today. We have big environmental aspirations for our small island community   

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We believe that the energy sector must take the lead in creating a greener and sustainable world. We understand our role and how we can help tackle climate change for our society.

We envisage a future where all our energy supplies come from renewable and sustainable sources. We will enable an energy system that supports renewables and reduces reliance on fossil fuels. We will embrace new technologies for everyone’s benefit and enjoyment. This is the greatest contribution we can, and will, deliver.

Alone we can do a little. But together as a community we can do so much, delivering a sustainable energy future for Guernsey.

Careers at Guernsey Electricity

Chief Executive Officer, Alan Bates

"Our island community is our priority and we remain fully committed to providing a safe, stable and sustainable system. We shall explore all opportunities to increase energy efficiency for our customers, improve where we get our energy from as an island, and ensure an energy system that supports local renewables and we are phasing out fossil fuel generation on-island."


Sustainable electricity in Guernsey
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  • Health Safety and Environmental Policy
    We continually strive for health, safety and environmental improvement.
    Read our HSE policy
  • Environmental Sustainability Strategy
    Our 5-year Environmental Sustainability Strategy commits to placing sustainability at the core of our business
    Our strategy and action plan
  • States of Guernsey Energy Policy
    The Island's plan to meet net zero by 2050
    Read the policy here
  • Environmental Performance and emissions reporting
    At Guernsey Electricity we are committed to reducing our carbon intensity for the benefit of the island.
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