PEH Project | Guernsey Electricity

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This year saw the start of the project to install an electricity bulk supply point at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital (PEH) to support the upgrade of their electrical infrastructure and the network supplying the South of Guernsey.

Three quarters of the route is now complete in the biggest cable infrastructure work undertaken since the 1980s. Guernsey Electricity are laying a new 33kV cable 6.5km across the Island, connecting two substations from the North of the Island to the critical infrastructure of the Princess Elizabeth hospital. Supporting the upgrade of electrical infrastructure for the PEH and the network supplying the South of Guernsey.

The works directly support the States of Guernsey’s programme to modernise the Island’s hospital in addition to driving enhanced resilience and capacity for the South of the Island. A project of this scale will take several years to complete, expected 2028. 

This project follows the now fully commissioned electricity bulk supply point at Beau Sejour and forms the transmission backbone for the island to achieve its climate and environmental decarbonisation aspirations.

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