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additional load applications

Applying for additional load

The process of upgrading to certain electrical systems takes time and we recommend discussing options with an installer as early as possible. Please read below before submitting an enquiry.

IMPORTANT: Please read this information about additional load applications before proceeding with an electrical installation enquiry. 

  • Electric heating

    If you already have an electric heating system and are simply replacing like-for-like (for example, taking out an old 12kW boiler and installing a new 12kW boiler), you will not need to apply for additional electricity load.

    If the new electric  boiler has a higher kW rating e.g. 23kW, you would need to apply for the additional 11kW of electrical load.  

    If you are switching from gas, oil, solid fuel or have no heating system currently in place, your installer will always need to apply for additional load prior to installation taking place. 

  • Car charging units

    If you have an electric car charging unit 3.6kW or less, you will not need to apply for additional load and simply need to register your charger with Guernsey Electricity. Most people do not need a charger higher than this.

    If you require a Fast or Rapid car charging unit, your installer will need to apply for additional load prior to installation taking place. Please read the information below about this necessary process. 



Additional Electricity Load Application

As there is so much demand for more sustainable solutions such as electric heating and electric car charging units at this time, 'additional load' application processing can be quite a few weeks and it is very unlikely you'll get your installations at short notice.

Electric heating and Fast and Rapid electric car charging units require a higher 'electricity load'

An electrical load is any component of a circuit that consumes power or energy, such as light bulbs, appliances and electric heating. A lightbulb for example will consume far less load than an all-electric heating system. 

Prior to installing your electric heating system, your installer will submit an additional load application to Guernsey Electricity. This is to instruct an engineer to assess the underground high and low voltage cabling in your area, along with the 'supply line cable' that connects your property to the network.

The engineer will assess the area to establish if there is currently enough electrical capacity available to power a new heating system.  

We ask that you bear these longer timeframes in mind when you enquire about larger electrical installations.


Please contact an installer as soon as possible to make sure you're not in a situation where you're without heating when you need it.

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