Want to spend less on your electricity bill this winter? Find out more

  • Free Ways to Save

    There are ways to save on electricity, without costs or cutting down on usage, take a look below. 

  • Smart Ways to Save

    From smart tech to energy savvy alternatives - that don't cost the earth

Try UsiNG aN alTernative tO yOuR Oven fOr a fEw dAys Each wEek

Switching to a cost-effective appliance like a microwave, slow cooker or air-fryer, for 2-3 days a week could save you up to £250 a year

Find out what's fact or myth and how to save money while doing the everyday cooking and washing.

Whether it's washing clothes on a lower temperature or halving your time in the shower, there are plenty of easy ways to change habits. Find out more here.

Long Term investments

  • Insulating your home

    - Significant savings on your energy bills
    - Easy and quick to install
    - Keeps the heat in your home

  • Heating well for Less

    Home heating tips that'll help you save in an instant 

Try your own challenge

Why not challenge your own household to make some savings? Can you follow this schedule for a week? See what habits you can try to bring your bills down.

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