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What is additional load?

In Guernsey, properties receive electricity through underground electricity cables that are connected to the wider electricity network. Similar to a plug extension in your home, there is a finite supply of electricity ('capacity') available on the cable - and more electrical installations demand more from the supply line cable. 

Nobody can tell just by looking at the ground how much capacity there might be to supply a property. This is why your installer will apply to Guernsey Electricity for the ‘additional load' (extra power) you need each time electrical work is requested. An engineer will then need to establish how much capacity there currently is and if there is sufficient to power your proposed installations. 

This includes (but is not limited to) electric heating upgrades, a car charging unit (above 3.6kW), hot tubs, or re-wiring for an extension. 

  • Low voltage

    Low Voltage connections

    For information on Guernsey Electricity's requirements for connection onto the Low Voltage ("LV") electricity network, please see this guide.

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    Frequently asked questions

    We have compile a document with additional information on services, inspections and additional load applications.

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