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Service Standards

At Guernsey Electricity we take our commitment of providing the best service possible very seriously, and as such we welcome the Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities' (CICRA) expansion of our Service Standard initiative which was introduced on the first day of commercialisation in February 2002.

There are now two sets of Standards:

Guaranteed Service Standards - where, if the company fails to deliver the pre-determined level of service to a customer for any of the services covered by the Guaranteed Service Standards listed, the company will pay that customer compensation for that failure.

View our 2018/2019 Guaranteed Service Standards here

Overall Service Standards - while indicating the level of service an individual customer can expect, their purpose is to set the minimum levels of overall performance the company is expected to achieve for specific service areas over a 12 month period.

View our 2018/2019 Overall Service Standards here

General Exemptions

The general exemptions that apply to all of the guaranteed standards are:

  1. If the customer informs Guernsey Electricity Limited before the standard deadline that he does not want Guernsey Electricity to take any action or any further action.
  2. If the customer agrees that action already taken by Guernsey Electricity Limited meets the requirement of the standard. But where Guernsey Electricity Limited has promised to take further action, that action must be taken without undue delay if this exemption is to be invoked.
  3. If, in order to meet the Standard, information is required to be given by the customer to Guernsey Electricity Limited, and the customer either fails to provide the specified information or sends the information to an address other than the one which Guernsey Electricity Limited has indicated, or (where appropriate) telephones with the information at a time outside reasonable hours as notified by Guernsey Electricity Limited.
  4. It was not reasonably practicable for Guernsey Electricity Limited to have complied with the requirements because of:
    1. severe weather; or
    2. industrial action by Guernsey Electricity Limited's staff;
    3. an action or default by someone other than Guernsey Electricity Limited's employee or agent;
    4. an inability to gain access to relevant premises; or the likelihood that Guernsey Electricity Limited would break the law if an employee or agent complied; or
    5. other exceptional circumstances beyond Guernsey Electricity Limited's control.
  5. It was reasonable to regard information from the customer as being frivolous or vexatious.

For more information about our customer service standards please call us on 01481 200700 or email