The first bill received from the new system included information from two systems, and we understand that they were confusing for some customers. The transition is now complete, and our statements should now look more familiar with the following improvements:

• The ‘Opening Transactions’ section details your previous balance and all payments made in the statement period. The ‘CLOSING BALANCE’ or ‘TOTAL AMOUNT PAYABLE’ shown value is calculated from both the ‘Open Transaction Total’ and the ‘Statement Total’.

• All payments made during the statement period are detailed separately with both the value and date of payment.

• Statements that are based on estimated usage are more clearly marked at the top of the first page.


Example statement for a customer on Economy 12 paying by standing order

 New statement

1. Please see above.
2. This is the date the statement was generated by Guernsey Electricity.
3. Our statements cover a 3-month period. Any electricity usage up to and including this  ate shown is included in this statement.
4. The total cost of electricity usage and services.
5. If you have a value here, your monthly standing order payments may not be suffi cient to cover your usage over the year. Our team can review your usage and advise about the right monthly standing order payment for you.


Frequently asked questions

How can I see how much electricity I have used?

The details of your usage on all tariffs are itemised on your statement and the cost of this usage is totalled on the first page.

Is my usage correct? It seems wrong

Estimated meter readings are noted on the ‘Electricity Billing Calculations’ section. If your statement is not marked as ‘ESTIMATED’, your usage shown is accurate.

Although much of the Island is now covered by automated meters, sometimes the signals may not reach us. In these instances, we may need to send you an estimated statement.

If you receive an estimated statement and wish to have a statement based on your actual consumption, please submit your reading online at 

If your statement is not estimated, we want to reassure customers that whilst these new statements may look confusing, we are confident these are correct. If you have received an estimated statement, please submit your meter reading here.

 Estimated statements

 If our system does not receive a reading from your meter, the consumption is estimated. If you have received an estimated statement, you can submit your meter readings on our website to receive a statement based on your actual consumption. If you are frequently receiving estimated statements, please contact our team who may be able to arrange a meter upgrade for you. Paywise pay as you go customers are not required to take action if your readings are marked as estimated.

Why aren’t all my standing orders shown on my statement?

This statement details any usage or payments for this statement period. Any payments made after the print date (on the top right of the statement) will be included in your next statement.

If I am in credit, will I be receiving a refund?

Typically, you use more electricity in Winter and less in Summer. Standing order payments spread the cost of your usage through the year. This means we can expect to see credit build up in your account in the summer months, which will help pay for periods of higher usage in winter. Therefore, we would encourage you to keep a credit balance in your account. If you would like to adjust your standing order payment or do wish to withdraw a refund from your account balance, please contact our team.

Pay as you go customers

Your statement is ‘For information only’, please check your meter to see your available credit. Paywise meters are sometimes used to reduce any outstanding balance held by customers, which may be the reason for a debit balance. This arrangement will have been agreed with our team in advance. Please note that if your Paywise statement contains estimated readings, no action is required.

I pay by standing order. Why do I still have a value in the ‘CLOSING BALANCE’?

Your monthly standing order payments may not be sufficient to cover your usage over the year. Our team can review your usage and advise about the best monthly standing order payment for you.

If you are concerned about an outstanding balance and have not yet set up a payment arrangement with Guernsey Electricity, please contact us to discuss the best way to clear this.

If you wish to review the status of an existing payment arrangement, please contact our team. See below for a typical annual electricity usage paid using steady monthly standing order payments

My statement has a new standing order form at the bottom. Why am I being asked to increase my standing order?

Your standing order is designed to cover the amount of electricity you use but if your electricity usage increases, we may suggest a higher standing order amount to avoid additional payments being required in the future. You will find this at the bottom of your statement, and it should be completed and returned to Guernsey Electricity.

As a reminder, if you have an outstanding balance in the ‘STATEMENT CLOSING BALANCE’ section, your standing order has not covered your usage. This is an outstanding balance and will need to be paid separately. Please give us a call if you are concerned about making this payment and we can talk through the help we can offer.

The Future

Our new system will allow us, in the future, to make significant improvements to the way we manage your account, delivering a better customer experience and take another step closer towards the electric future.

If you have any questions, please get in contact with our Customer Service team. Please do be patient with our team, as I’m sure you’ll understand, learning a whole new system doesn’t come without its challenges.

Do it online!

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E-billing straight to your inbox

We are now able to send customers statements electronically. You will also be able to submit meter readings and make payments directly from this, without the need to log in or send us your details. If you would like to stop paper statements and receive bills electronically, please go to